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Felicity has been in the hospital the past 2 days. long story short, she has asthma and had a really bad attack. I just found this out from reading it on Dee Dee's FB page. I guess she gets released tomorrow.

poor baby, I hope she feels better soon. she's 7 years old.
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I feel almost like my old self again. not that I really remember who that was lol.

but in the sense that I don't hurt much now. well, other than the evil cramps from my evil period. I object to this visitation so soon after my surgery. hrmph.

I might be moving, but this is not a for sure thing. I got a call for one of the low-income apts I applied to FOREVER AND MANY EONS AGO. the other day. and the lady told me she had called one person ahead of me (because these places are like... first come, first serve. & when you apply you get put on a waiting list) anyways, she said if that other person doesn't want it or is no longer in need of a place, then it's mine. YAY.

I will let you know more once I find out. if I do move, I may not have internet service for awhile, depnding on how long it takes to get moved, and settled in. and how much it'll cost. I asked what my rent would be and she said it was based on my income. which currently is 449.00 a month. but that's only because I live with my parents and don't pay rent, etc. if I lived on my own, I know I would get more money + food stamps.

if I do move, I will probably end up bundling my charter internet with charter cable. but re-active my boost cellphone and just use that as my everyday phone. I really hope I get the apt.

it seems that things are finally starting to fall into place for me.

on another note, my sister was in a car accident today. some fucker broadsided her. completely totaled her car. she, was able to walk away from it. and I am very grateful for that. the kid can't lose their mom now. not after losing their dad so few years ago. and it would devastate the rest of the family as well. last I heard she'd been checked out by a doctor and everything appeared to be fine. she is very very sore though. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. sometimes things can come up health-wise that you didn't realize was there during the time of the accident. I am praying that does not happen.

she only went to a doctor for a general exam. I hope she will go to the hospital and get checked out more thoroughly. but I am thinking that she won't. She's the kind of person that tends to shrug things off when she really shouldn't.

I am gonna go now and I hope all is well with everyone and their families. life is too short to spend it arguing, holding grudges and being angry over petty issues.

tell your family and friends you love them, everyday.

you never know when it could be the last time you'll ever get to say those words.

I love you all

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so I have 4 lovely square shaped rashes around my inscisions. due to the bandages (paper tape with saran wrap like clear plastic over the top of gauze) they used to cover each one. well hell, found another allergy I didn't know I had. hrmph.

I had to leave that on for 3 days after my surgery and it was driving me INSANE because it itched really bad. so on Saturday when I could finally take them all off, I did. only to discover that 2 of the inscisions hadn't healed properly so I ended up recovering them with a fabric "latex-free" square bandages. Which... just... resulted in a worsening rash. stupid skin.

I dunno how long I am supposed to be in evil pain. but my stomach is still sore. mostly when I get up from a laying down position. and my lower back hurts. and one of my inscisions is still kind of open. it only developed a scab around the edges. so I'll be covering it back up again. I uncovered it to let my skin breathe a bit.

I have this little.. bump. on the inscision right beneath my chest area. where the skin came back together. I suppose this means I'll have a scar. it's weird, I keep pushing on it. uhm ow? stop that, you moron.

so I keep thinking about the surgery and how "whooooooooosh" it seemed to go by (for me, not my parents who were waiting in the waiting area)... it's so weird. cause it felt like 10 minutes to me from the time they put me under (which I so don't remember) to the time the nurse was talking to me to wake me up. (apparently it was so not 10 minutes, but more like 3 hours). and it seems surreal in a way, like it didn't really happen. even though obviously (points at inscisions on tummy) it did. I dunno. I am just rambling. trying to figure out how I got through it all without a single panicking moment. (which is like, so un... ME)

I go back to the surgeon for my follow up on the 21st. They gave me Vicodin for the pain but other than knocking me out, it hasn't done much for the actual pain. Though, I suppose sleeping through it is alright. Whatever.

I'm... yeah. gonna go get some more ice water, a banana perhaps. or maybe I'll just eat crackers and drink a 7-up. so far, (and I have been careful) the stuff I've eaten since surgery has not bothered me.. mostly cereal, bananas... chocolate pudding. yesterday I ate a turkey sandwich and my tummy was okay with that. and then I ate like half a bag of mini donuts and apparently my tummy was okay with that as well. >.<

can you put neosporin on a semi-open wound? just curious.

okay, really gonna go now.

♥ Steph
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more indepth surgery report.

went in at noon yesterday. talked to pre-op nurse, had vitals taken. put on a lovely surgical gown lol. then sat around for a long time (2 hours). then was taken to pre-op room where I was given a warm blanket and a hose that pumped warm air into my surgical gown. it was interesting. then was asked a few more questions. then waited a little bit. then the nurse put my IV in and started the saline drip. to help keep me hydrated during the surgery. had more vitals taken. was given an oxegyn mask, that I kept taking off because it made my nose itch. waited some more. talked to anesthetic guy. then nurse came back and gave me drugs to help my stomach, and to keep me calm. I was half out of it when they came to wheel me into the OR. I vaguely remember being asked how tall I was something to do with the length of their operating table I think. the next thing I know I'm in recovery being woken up by my nurse. who gave me some ice chips. and I had a very sore throat from tthe breathing tube they inserted down it after they knocked me out. after I had woken up a bit more I was wheeled into this other room where my parents were waiting for me. nurse gave me some saltine crackers and 7-up. waited a bit more. while the nurse got my discharge papers ready. shooed dad out of room so I could get dressed again (with my mom's help) nurse came back with discharge papers that my mom signed. then we waited a few more minutes. then the nurse came with a wheel chair. and dad went and got the car to bring to the door of hospital. was wheeled out to car and helped into car by nurse. came home and layed down on couch. am still a bit wobbly this morning. been drinking lots of water.

and that's basically how things went yesterday. I'm happy to know that I can handle something like that without any problems. it shows great promise for future endeavors I might want to try and take on.
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home from the hospital. everything went smoothly. i now have 4 holes in me :P that hurt like hell. but they gave me a scrip' for Vicodin. am a bit wobbly at the moment. but i did well. mom and dad said that they are really proud of how well i did.
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ready for tomorrow. clothing I'm wearing: check. ipod shuffle charged: check. taking money (ha, what money?) and credit cards out of purse: check. getting plenty of fluids before midnight: check. staying calm: check. showered with anti-bacterial soap: check.
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great aunt X's 2.

*falls over* first Tyler & his fiancee and now... Sam and her boyfriend.

must be somethin' in the water :P

I just got off the phone with her about 15 minutes ago. according to their calculations, she's due within a week of Tyler's fiancee.

wow. just holy... wow. more babies to welcome into our family.