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friends cut

I did a friends cut last night. if you believe you were cut by mistake or would just like to be added back in, please let me know.

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place of my own, place of my own, place of my own. own own own. out on my own. my own rules to follow (or break. whichever) please please please let me get approved for that apt. please oh please. out on my own, out on my own. out out out, on my, own own own. *throws out on my own confetti* ahhh tuesday needs to get here so I can find out!
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Apt News Update

went and got my apps turned in (background check, etc) for Selah Squares. the manager said I should hear back by Tuesday afternoon if I am approved or not. The apt is nice. keep your fingers crossed in the meantime everyone! ♥♥ thanks.

if I get approved...

What I Have:

1. Bed
2. Computer Desk
3. Computer
4. Dresser
5. Book Cases (or in my case, DVD shelves)
6. End Table
7. Tv, VCR, DVD Player
8. Lamp
9. Fan
10. Couch

What I Need:

1. Side table (for living room)
2. TV Stand
3. Dishes: plates, cups, silverware, etc
4. Pots and Pans
5. Dish Drying Rack
6. Toaster
7. Microwave
8. Small table (to eat on) or tv trays
9. Vacuum Cleaner (for to keep the place squeaky clean!)
10. Table lamp for living room
11. Call and get internet/tv set up
12. Reactivate my Boost pay-as-you go plan

and that's all I can think of at the moment.

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uhhhh.... moving? possibly. most likely. just have to go and talk to the apt people so they can do a background check on me. and seeing as how I'm not harboring any diabolical secrets.... things should be good to go! w00 and h00.
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*stares at Josh photos* let's see if I remember how to do this art thing. tis been awhile you know. 6 months at least since I made anything art-related...

here goes nothing (or everything. depending on how you look at it)

PS: I have to pee.

yes, everyone needed to know this. it is vitally important! :P
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someone wishes to find me good/high quality pictures of Josh Groban. posed/photoshoots preferred, but some concert shots are alright to if they are decent enough.

I wish to change my layout. yes, again.

...sorry Lea